Qualifications and training for VTS personnel

Guidance for VTS providers on the qualifications and training of VTS personnel in Australia.

As per IMO Resolution 1158(32) Guidelines for Vessel Traffic Services:

VTS personnel should only be considered competent when appropriately trained and qualified for their VTS duties. This includes:

  • satisfactorily completing generic VTS training approved by a competent authority; 
  • satisfactorily completing on-the-job training at the VTS where the personnel are employed; 
  • undergoing periodic assessments and revalidation training to ensure competence is maintained; and
  • being in possession of appropriate certification.

VTS providers must ensure that adequate policy and associated processes and procedures are implemented to:

  • Manage the VTS training scenarios in a manner consistent with the intent of IALA Recommendation R0103 and this guidance.
  • Ensure  staffing levels are sufficient so the supervision of the person does not impact on the delivery of service.


VTS providers must ensure their operations satisfy the following qualification and training requirements for VTS personnel in Australia.

A person should only be permitted to carry out the duties of VTS personnel where:

  1. They hold a C0103-1 VTS operator certificate awarded by an accredited VTS training organisation#, and
  2. Have satisfactorily completed On-the-Job Training* (OJT) at the VTS Centre at which the person is employed.


  1. Pending completion of a C0103-1 VTS Operator course, the person in training must have satisfactorily completed OJT at the VTS centre at which the person is employed, and
  2. The person in training operates under the supervision of VTS personnel who hold a C0103-1 certificate awarded by an accredited training organisation. 

# Note: A VTS training organisation is an entity holding a certificate of accreditation issued:

  • in accordance with Marine Order 64 (Vessel traffic services), or
  • by another competent authority where AMSA is satisfied that the training arrangements comply with IALA Standards as described in IALA Guideline G1014 Accreditation of VTS Training Organizations and Approval to Deliver IALA VTS Model Courses (Refer Section 8 - International Recognition of Accredited Training Organizations).

* Note: On-the-Job Training is training and familiarisation at the VTS Centre at which the person is employed. It includes training on the purpose of the VTS, the VTS procedures, facilities and equipment used as well as the local geography and appropriate regulations and other procedures. Assessment of OJT should be carried out by a person/s appropriately qualified and experienced holding a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment or an IALA C0103-4 VTS On-the-job training instructor certificate.

Last updated: 

Friday 24 June 2022