Coastal pilot license issue and renewal—advisory note

This advisory note is reminds all AMSA-licensed coastal pilots of the procedure to issue or renew pilot licences.

The criteria for the issue and/or renewal of all coastal pilot licences is detailed in Marine Order 54 (MO54). Applicants should ensure that all criteria are met prior to submitting an application to AMSA.


The coastal pilot licence application / renewal form (AMSA 1021) can be downloaded from the AMSA website. The AMSA 1021 form is to be used for both initial applications and licence renewals. 

Completed AMSA 1021 can be emailed to

Licence Issue

AMSA’s Certification and Pilotage System (CPS) allows coastal pilot licences to be renewed up to three (3) months before the date of expiry. Coastal pilots are urged to complete the renewal criteria in a timely manner and submit renewal applications well before licence expiry. Note that the renewed licence will retain the original anniversary date of expiry, therefore the licence term is not reduced by submitting an early application. 

Once a licence has been renewed, a letter is despatched advising that the pilot is authorised to conduct pilotage operations in accordance with the restrictions detailed in the letter. The letter is sent via email to the pilot’s email address nominated in AMSA’s Certification and Pilotage System (CPS). The letter should be retained until the physical licence card is received in the mail (which may take up to two weeks following authorisation). Once the new licence card is received the old licence card should be destroyed.

Last updated: 15 December 2023