AMSA 1021

Application for a coastal pilot licence/renewal


Please download and save AMSA Form 1021 before you begin. You will need to complete this form using Adobe Acrobat. If you complete it using your web browser, you may lose your information.

This coastal pilot licence application form is for:

  • Trainee pilots
  • Restricted pilots
  • Pilots
  • Check pilots

Eligibility criteria

Remember: you need a valid Certificate of Medical Fitness (AMSA Form 303) to apply for a licence.

Submitting the form

  • Download the coastal pilot licence/renewal application form
  • Save it on your computer.
  • Complete the form within Adobe Acrobat. We don't recommend completing this form in a browser, as you may lose your information. If you don't already have Adobe Acrobat you can download it here (add link to: PDF reader | Adobe Acrobat Reader). 
  • Complete the form and gather all supporting documents. Details are included in the form.
  • Pay for your licence using the AMSA payment gateway. Details are included in the form.
  • Save the completed form.
  • Attach the completed form to an email, along with all required documents and send to:
Last updated: 18 December 2023