During a port State control inspection

What you can expect during an inspection if your ship is selected to be inspected by one of our surveyors.

Our marine surveyors may board a ship at any time to inspect it. Our PSC inspections are carried out under International Maritime Organization (IMO) procedures for port State control as amended from time to time.

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This is what to expect during an inspection if your ship is selected.

Report known deficiencies

At the beginning of the inspection the Master will be asked if they know of any defects that may affect the seaworthiness of the ship. The Master will sign a declaration form stating if there are any deficiencies.

It is important for you to notify us of any known problems. Detainable deficiencies may not require the ship to be detained if you let us know before the inspection.

Doing the inspection

A PSC officer will use a notebook which contains a ship initial inspection checklist (Form 36) to do the inspection.

Our inspectors conduct the inspection following specific instructions to inspectors and a ship inspection manual as required by the International Maritime Organisation and the International Labour Organisation.

Initial inspection

The inspector will go onboard to:

  • check that the ship has valid certificates and documentation
  • Check if the ship is complying with the certificates
  • check the overall conditions of the ship, equipment and its crew.

We may find detainable items without having to conduct detailed inspections.

If there is one or more problems in the initial inspection, a more detailed inspection may be done.

For all inspections a form A is completed to indicate that an inspection has been carried out.

Detailed inspection

The fee for a more detailed inspection is A$272 an hour.

The inspectors use their professional judgement in conducting the inspection, determining the extent of inspection and in determining the required action required in response to identified deficiencies.

If deficiencies are found

Your ship may be detained until these deficiencies can be resolved.

The deficiency may be corrected while the inspection continues if the deficiency is considered minor, but you may still be issued with a deficiency notice. When a deficiency notice is issued, the ship may not necessarily be detained and the ship may be able to sail. The decision is based on the severity of deficiency and is decided by the inspector.

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Last updated: 15 September 2023