After a port State control inspection

If your ship is found to have deficiencies during an inspection, you may be detained and delayed for an unknown amount of time.

AMSA Marine surveyors may board a ship at any time to inspect and detain unseaworthy or substandard ships under sections 257 and 248 of the Navigation Act 2012. Our PSC inspections are carried out under International Maritime Organization (IMO) procedures for port State control as amended from time to time.

If deficiencies are found during an inspection:

  • Your vessel may be detained until these deficiencies can be resolved.
  • Minor deficiencies may be corrected during the inspection.

You may still be issued with a deficiency notice. If you receive a deficiency notice after a port State control (PSC) inspection, you will be given a list of deficiency codes on your notice.

Detention and delay

If the inspector considers there are clear grounds for a detention of the ship due to that deficiency, it will be detained regardless of the ship's scheduled departure time.

Every effort is made to avoid detention and delay to a ship, but it is your responsibility to keep your ship compliant.

If you have questions, please contact us. We will respond as soon as possible. There may be a delay in our response while we investigate the enquiry and speak to the inspector that did your inspection or involved manager.

Detention and release of unseaworthy ships

IMO guidelines on port State control, as amended from time to time.

Regional cooperation

Regional cooperation allows member states to share information on inspection results and ensure follow-up of deficiencies found during inspections that may not be able to be fixed in the initial inspection port.


The decision to detain a ship may be legally reviewed under the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Act 1975. The procedure for the review is outlined on the detention form itself.

Closing deficiencies

The deficiency cannot be closed until the corrective action is sighted by our inspectors or by another Tokyo MOU port State control officer. Notify us that you have resolved the deficiency by emailing

Last updated: 22 July 2022