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Checklist for safety of navigation focused inspection campaign

AMSA surveyor’s will be using the checklist below when inspecting ships as part of our safety of navigation focused inspection campaign.

Use this checklist to prepare for the inspection. Below is a sample of the focused inspection campaign checklist.

1Has the passage plan been appraised to cover the whole voyage / berth to berth and readily available on primary and back-up navigation systems?     
2Does the SMS contain guidance on best practice watchkeeping, including appropriate Under Keel Clearance (UKC) and safety contour settings?    
3Are official up to date navigational charts (ENCs) being used onboard for navigation?   
4Has the previous voyage been executed and monitored in accordance with the plan?   
5Can watchkeeping officers demonstrate familiarization with ECDIS?     
6On ships with ECDIS installed, can the alarm sound be demonstrated?     
7Is the bridge visibility obstructed by cargo, cargo gear or other obstructions forward of the beam?     
8Is there evidence of an effective lookout being maintained at all times in accordance with COLREGs?     
9Is a pilot transfer arrangement provided onboard in accordance with SOLAS Chapter V, Reg 23?     
10Are required inputs to ECDIS connected and configured correctly Gyro, Continuous position fixing system (CPS) and speed and distance measuring device)?     
11Is there evidence of periodic testing of navigation equipment during the watch?     
Post inspectionYesNoNA
12Have deficiencies been issued as part of the FIC? (Form B)   
13Has the ship been detained as part of this FIC?   
Last updated: 26 October 2023