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Remote surveys

Information regarding remote survey requests for ships detained in Australia.

We have identified several instances where recognised organisations (RO) have undertaken ineffective remote surveys.

In these instances, an RO undertook a remote survey to sight rectification of a deficiency for a ship detained in Australia. We later re-attended the ship and found that the deficiencies were still outstanding.

Recent examples:

  • A bulk carrier was surveyed remotely after being detained for defective auxiliary generators. The RO declared that both the required generators were operating satisfactorily. This remote survey was not accepted by AMSA. When the RO boarded the ship, none of the generators could sustain their rated power.
  • Another bulk carrier was detained with a large number of maintenance related defects. The RO undertook a remote survey and attested that all defects had been rectified. When AMSA boarded the ship, a significant number of defects remained outstanding.

Remote surveys are not equivalent to a physical survey. As a result, we will no longer accept any remote survey from an RO for a ship detained in Australia.

Last updated: 1 February 2024