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Port State control focused inspection campaigns

Focused inspection campaigns target areas on ships which commonly have deficiencies.

The aim of these campaigns is to ensure all ships inspected are compliant with international requirements. Each focused inspection campaign targets an area on the ship that commonly have deficiencies. These areas are checked during an inspection in Australian ports.

We conduct focused inspection campaigns on ships visiting Australian ports. Each focused inspection campaign targets an area on the ship that we commonly find is not meeting international standards and is not compliant. We may conduct smaller focused inspection campaigns from time to time that are aimed at gathering information for AMSA and as such are not published online.

Each campaign focus and timeframe is given to the shipping industry through marine notices, one month before the start date. During the campaign, our inspectors use a standard checklist to confirm that an area or individual equipment meets international standards. If an inspector finds a deficiency in relation to the campaign, it will be required to be fixed as normal port State control inspections.

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Last updated: 5 February 2020