Index of marine notices

A marine notice provides important safety related information, general guidance and details about upcoming changes to legislation to the shipping and maritime community.

Marine notices have no legal standing. All current marine notices are listed below.

A marine notice that does not appear here is not current and may contain information which is no longer applicable.

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Current marine notices

Marine notice number Title Category Format
2020/03 Shutdown of AMSA’s differential global positioning system (DGPS) service Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2020/02 Extension of standards of training certification and watchkeeping (STCW) certificates Certification PDF HTML
2020/01 Fatal accidents caused by moving elevators on ships Occupational health and safety PDF HTML
2019/05 Requirements for the use of Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems in Australian Waters and reporting to AMSA Environmental Standards PDF HTML
2019/04 Implementation of the 1 January 2020 low sulphur fuel requirement Environmental Standards PDF HTML
2019/03 Pilot transfer arrangements Safety equipment PDF HTML
2019/02 Responsible navigation practices Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2018/06 Limitation of sulphur emissions from cruise vessels while at berth in Sydney Harbour Environment PDF HTML
2018/05 Pre-loading cargo information for livestock vessels Cargoes PDF HTML
2018/04 High pressure fire-fighting systems—Design safeguards against personal injury Occupational health and safety PDF HTML
2018/03 Proper stowage of cargo containers Cargoes PDF HTML
2018/02 Electronic Visual Distress Signals Miscellaneous PDF HTML

Transfer operations at sea and in coastal waters

Port State control PDF HTML
2017/14 Fitness for duty Occupational health and safety PDF HTML
2017/13 Ship accommodation ladders with unapproved secondary means of support arrangements Occupational health and safety PDF HTML
2017/12 Operation and maintenance of rescue boat outboard motors Port State control PDF HTML
2017/11 Sanctions Miscellaneous PDF HTML
2017/10 VHF marine radios with digital selective calling capability – automatic channel switching Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2017/09 Biofouling and in-water cleaning Environment PDF HTML
2017/08 Australia’s position on de-harmonising of the International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate in relation to Ballast Water Management Convention compliance Environment PDF HTML
2017/07 Guidance on ECDIS for ships calling at Australian ports Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2017/06 Official nautical charts Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2017/05 Regulations for air emissions from ships Environment PDF HTML
2017/04 MARPOL Annex V discharges Environment PDF HTML
2017/03 MARPOL Annex V garbage record book Environment PDF HTML
2017/02 Global implementation of new sulphur content limit in fuel oil for all ships by 1 January 2020 Environment PDF HTML
2016/19 Maintenance and adjustment of magnetic compasses Qualifications and training PDF HTML
2016/18 Danger with the use of weighted heaving lines  Occupational health and safety PDF HTML
2016/17 Maximum period of shipboard service for seafarers Miscellaneous PDF HTML
2016/15 Minimising the risk of ships colliding with cetaceans Environment PDF HTML
2016/14 Revalidation of Certificates of competency and Certificates of proficiency Qualifications and training PDF HTML
2016/13 Receipt of Maritime Safety Information (MSI) Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2016/12 Asbestos on ships Occupational health and safety PDF HTML
2016/11 Bridge Resource Management (BRM) and expected actions of bridge teams in Australia pilotage waters Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2016/10 International delivery of domestic commercial vessels and near coastal vessels operating overseas Miscellaneous PDF HTML
2016/09 Vessel-helicopter operations Port State control PDF HTML
2016/06 Application of the bunkers convention in Australia Environment PDF HTML
2016/07 Perpetual Certificates of proficiency as rating and safety training Qualifications and training PDF HTML
2016/05 Ensuring adequate waste reception facilities Environment PDF HTML
2016/04 Emergency towage capability Emergency response PDF HTML
2016/03 Under Keel Clearance Management System Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2015/19 Use of pilot ladders Safety equipment PDF HTML
2015/18 Failure of lifting wire ropes Cargoes PDF HTML
2015/17 New and revised charges for AMSA Services Qualifications and training PDF HTML
2015/15 Free-fall lifeboat safety Safety equipment PDF HTML
2015/14 Reducing the risk of collisions at sea Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2015/11 Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping Environment PDF HTML
2015/10 Coastal pilotage Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2015/09 Guidance document for the recording operations in the Oil Record Book Part I Environment PDF HTML
2015/08 Use or carriage of heavy grade oils in the Antarctic Environment PDF HTML
2015/07 Piracy and armed robbery against ships Maritime security PDF HTML
2015/04 Application of wreck removal convention Miscellaneous PDF HTML
2015/03 Directions and refusal of access to Australian Ports Miscellaneous PDF HTML
2015/02 Refurbished ‘HAMMAR’ hydrostatic release units (HRU) Safety equipment PDF HTML
2014/13 Means of embarkation and disembarkation from ships in port Port State control PDF HTML
2014/12 Recovery of persons from the water Miscellaneous PDF HTML
2014/08 Vessel traffic services in Australia Safety of navigation PDF HTML
2014/06 In-transit fumigation of ships cargoes Cargoes PDF HTML
2014/05 Pressure vessel systems—response to fatal accident Occupational health and safety PDF HTML
2014/02 AMSA inspectors entering lifeboats Port State control PDF HTML
2013/12 Evaluation and replacement of lifeboat release and retrieval systems Miscellaneous PDF HTML

Recently cancelled marine notices

Marine notice number Title
2019/01 Global Positioning System Rollover week—06 April 2019 
2016/20 AMSA's approach to STCW Convention amendments due to take effect 1 January 2017 (cancelled)
2016/16 New IMO-adopted traffic separation schemes off the south-west coast of Australia
2015/13 Establishment of Virtual AIS Aid to Navigation in Torres Strait
2015/05 Quick guide—Navigation through the Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait 
2014/17 Sound navigational practices
2014/03 Anchoring off Australian ports 
2013/15 Vessel traffic services—responsibilities of Authorities providing VTS 
2013/09 Application of the Navigation Act 2012 

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