09/2022—Cessation of printed nautical publications

The purpose of this marine notice is to inform shipowners, operators, masters, crews, recognised organisations and marine pilots that the Australian Hydrographic Office (AHO) has ceased printing some nautical publications.

Affected nautical publications

AHO notes a significant increase in demand for digital nautical publications, with a commensurate decrease in demand for printed products. Therefore, the AHO has ceased producing printed versions of Australian National Tides Tables (AHP11) and Mariner’s Handbook for Australian Waters (AHP20).  AHO’s Notice to Mariners Edition 13-2022 of 24 June 2022 refers. 

Equivalent digital publications can be obtained from the AHO website. They provide mariners with the latest information on demand, contributing to improved situational awareness and navigational safety. 

Digital versions of AHP11 and AHP20 can be downloaded to portable electronic devices for free from the Product Downloads section of the AHO website.

Carriage requirements

Mariners are encouraged to subscribe to eNotices at the AHO website, so they can be notified by email when new updates to AHP 11 and AHP 20 become available.  

For more information on carriage requirements for nautical charts and publications, refer to Marine Order 27 or NSCV Part C, Subsection C7C.

British Admiralty publications 

The United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) has not advised any changes to their nautical publications.  Therefore, UKHO’s Admiralty List of Lights, Sailing Directions, Tide Tables and other nautical publications should continue to be available in paper and electronic formats for now.

Last updated: 21 April 2023