AMSA 355

Report of marine safety concern


Use this form to report any event that endangers, or if not corrected could endanger the safety of vessels or persons.

Anyone can report a marine safety concern to us.

What is a marine safety concern?

Examples of marine safety concerns include:

Unsafe working conditions

  • unsafe navigation
  • unsafe bridge procedures
  • unsafe engine control room procedures
  • unsafe engineering operational procedures or practices
  • unsafe engineering maintenance procedures or practices
  • unsafe pilot access (for example, pilot ladders)
  • unsafe cargo stowage
  • crew schedules that result in fatigue

Modifications to equipment and procedures

  • bypassing of safety procedures because of operational or commercial pressures
  • deviation from established collision avoidance procedures
  • a modification of the vessel’s equipment or fittings that has not been approved by the appropriate authority

Inadequate planning and equipment

  • inadequate passage planning
  • inadequate navigational equipment, charts or publications
  • inadequately marked obstructions to safe navigation
  • lack of traffic or weather information

Substandard conditions

  • substandard condition of the hull or other plating
  • substandard condition of hatches, water tight doors or openings
  • substandard condition of machinery or steering systems
  • substandard condition of cargo handling equipment

Submit a marine safety concern

There are 3 ways you can report a marine safety concern:

If you are a marine surveyor, you can use this form to report an unsafe vessel or major deficiency to us.

1If you have concerns about providing your personal information to us, please consider using REPCON – Marine Confidential Reporting Scheme which is managed by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).

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Last Updated: 

10 January 2024