Exemption 44—Marine Safety (Domestic commercial vessels—EIAPP certificate)

This exemption is for owners of domestic commercial vessels (DCVs) who may not be able to obtain an EIAPP certificate for their marine diesel engine with a power output above 130kW.
16 April 2021

NOx emission requirements have applied to marine diesel engines (with a power output of greater than 130kW) installed on Australian vessels—including DCVs—since 2007. This exemption permits DCVs fitted with a marine diesel engine (>130kW) to have a document demonstrating the engine falls within the relevant emission limits rather than having an EIAPP certificate.

You do not need to apply for this exemption, it will happen automatically.

What this exemption will allow you to do

Owners and operators of DCVs in Australia are exempt from holding an EIAPP certificate and technical file provided they hold acceptable alternative evidence. The acceptable evidence must demonstrate each installed engine (with a power output above 130kW) is likely to comply with the applicable NOx emission limit or tier.

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28 December 2022