Exemption 7—Marine Safety (Temporary operations) Exemption

This exemption is for owners and accredited marine surveyors of domestic commercial vessels who need to be able to operate temporarily without having the required certificates.


Approvals are required in some circumstances to operate under Exemption 07.

You can apply to us for a temporary operation by completing and submitting an Exemption application for temporary operations (AMSA 777).

What this exemption will allow you to do

Exemption 07 may allow you to operate your domestic commercial vessel temporarily in some cases without: 

  • a certificate of survey
  • a certificate of operation
  • a load line certificate.

Exemption 07 may also allow you to: 

  • Operate outside the scope of your current certificates.
  • Operate while you are rectifying minor non-conformances found during survey.

Temporary operations

Temporary operations not requiring any approval include: 

  • When you are waiting on us to decide on an application for renewal of a certificate of operation (Division 6A).

Temporary operations requiring the approval of an accredited marine surveyor (or other person permitted under Marine Order 503 to conduct vessel survey) include: 

  • New vessels undergoing the sea trial phase of commissioning (Division 3). 
  • Vessels operating while minor non-conformances are being rectified after periodic survey—except renewal survey (Division 5).
  • When you are waiting on us to decide on an application for renewal of a certificate of survey (Division 6).

Temporary operations requiring our approval include: 

  • Building, disposing, relocating, or repairing or moving a vessel without a certificate of survey, load line certificate, or certificate of operation (Division 2).
  • Operating a vessel without a certificate of survey, load line certificate or certificate of operation for another temporary use (Division 2).
  • Other limited circumstances approved by us (Division 2).
  • After initial survey or where a change occurs to the vessel or its operation (Division 4).
  • When operating a vessel after the expiry of your certificate of survey or load line certificate, where the in-water components of a renewal survey have been completed but the out of water components are outstanding (Division 7).
  • Operating temporarily outside the scope of your current certificate of survey or certificate of operation i.e. operating in a way that is not authorised by the certificate of survey, or in a way that is not allowed by the certificate of survey (Division 8).

Exemption 7 changes commencing 3 July 2019

Minor changes to Exemption 7 commenced on 3 July 2019. These changes corrected a drafting error in Division 2; and extended arrangements in Division 6A allowing vessel owners to continue operating after their certificate of operation has expired where they submitted a renewal application before the certificate expired.

Legislation and incorporated material

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22 January 2020