Find an accredited marine surveyor

Accredited government and private surveyors, and recognised organisations who are qualified to conduct surveys on domestic commercial vessels.

If you intend to design and build a domestic commercial vessel (DCV), you presently operate a DCV which has a certificate of survey, or you intend to undertake significant alterations or additions to a DCV, you may need to contact an accredited marine surveyor or an AMSA recognised organisation to have your vessel surveyed.

Accredited marine surveyors can undertake surveys nationally, however surveyors often specify the areas in which they choose to provide their services. You can find each surveyor's preferred work area, categories of accreditation and contact details below. Surveyors are often booked well in advance and we recommend that you initiate contact with your preferred surveyor as early as possible to prevent any possible conflicts which may impact your vessels scheduled periodic or renewal survey dates.

Operators in remote areas may choose to coordinate a number of vessel surveys to take place at the same time to share the cost of bringing the surveyor on site.

Location of surveyors

You can find each accredited marine surveyor and the work area where they conduct surveys. However, all accredited marine surveyors are able to undertake surveys nationally. Each accredited marine surveyor’s contact details show their location and categories of accreditation. Where services are not provided, we recommend you contact the surveyor directly to confirm their availability in your state.

Provide feedback or make a complaint

You may want to notify us of a suspected breach of conditions of accreditation by an accredited surveyor.

You can do that by filling in the accredited marine surveyor complaint and feedback form below.

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Friday 23 February 2024