AMSA 630

Accredited marine surveyor complaint and feedback form


This form may be used by a member of the public to notify us of a suspected breach of conditions of accreditation by an accredited surveyor.

This form should not be used to make a complaint about a matter that relates to an insurance claim, consultancy work, a pre-purchase survey of a vessel, a commercial dispute, a financial matter, or an operator.

Before lodging this form, a written complaint should be submitted to the accredited surveyor. Please provide a copy of your complaint and any response from the accredited surveyor with this form.

We will acknowledge receipt of this form and provide the applicant with a response following any investigation.

Submitting the form 

Due to the current uncertainties with the outbreak of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), to avoid applications being delayed, we ask that you DO NOT post your application to AMSA. 

Please send you application via e-mail to

This will be an interim arrangement during the COVID-19 crisis.  

Last Updated: 

20 May 2022