Marine order 501—Administration—national law

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Current Marine Order 501 (Administration – National Law) 2023

Marine order 501 includes:

  • rules of interpretation and common definitions that generally apply to marine orders made for domestic commercial vessels under the national law (Marine Order 502, Marine Order 503, Marine Order 504, Marine Order 505 and Marine Order 507)
  • processes for making an application or requesting review of a decision made under a marine order relating to a certificate, equivalent means of compliance, or exemption
  • the criteria to determine whether a person is a fit and proper person under the national law
  • prescribed standards, being:
    • Marine surveyors accreditation guidance manual 
    • National Standard for Commercial Vessels
    • Uniform shipping laws code
  • process involved in returning detained vessels
  • process involved in issuing an infringement notice
  • infringement notice offences and penalties.
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Refer to the Federal Register of Legislation for previous versions of this marine order.


Last updated: 7 September 2023