Equivalent means of compliance

If you have an alternative way of meeting your safety requirements, you can make an equivalent means of compliance application.

The intent of the equivalent means of compliance process is to allow industry to propose and implement innovative solutions to achieve the required safety outcomes identified in the standards.

Applications for equivalent means of compliance will only be approved where the proposed solution achieves all the applicable required outcomes or requirements to a level of safety that is equivalent to that achieved by the deemed to satisfy solution.

How to apply

To apply for approval of an equivalent means of complying with the vessel design, construction or equipment requirements of the standards mentioned in Marine Order 503 (Certificates of survey – National Law) 2013.

  1. Submit the equivalent means of compliance application form 649.
  2. Pay any required fees.
  3. Applications and payments must be made to AMSA.

If you wish to be exempt from complying with a requirement altogether, for example if you feel the requirement does not improve safety in your case, consider applying for a specific exemption. You will need to complete and submit a specific exemption application form 547.

Last updated: 22 December 2017
Last reviewed: 22 December 2017