General and specific exemptions

There are other vessel permits or exemptions you may be eligible for under the national law.

The national law allows us, in certain cases, to grant exemption from the national law or parts of the national law.

There are two types of exemption under the national law:

  1. Specific exemptions—these may be granted on application in accordance with the regulations. These regulations are contained in Marine Order 501 (National law — administration) 2023.
  2. General exemptions—these typically apply to vessels, persons, and operations that meet the relevant criteria and conditions in the general exemption. Read about the National law general exemptions.

Apply for an exemption

  1. Submit an application form. You will need to submit the form that relates to the exemption you are applying for. Download the form relevant to your exemption from the list below. 
  2. Follow the lodgement details on the form.
  3. Pay any required fees.

Exemption application forms

Vessel related exemptions

Operations related exemptions

Qualifications related exemptions

Last updated: 1 January 2024