AMSA 779

Application for temporary crewing permit


Owners and operators may use this form to apply for a temporary crewing permit for a domestic commercial vessel.

A temporary crewing permit lets you operate with less than your minimum crew for up to 90 days.

When the permit expires, we expect you to return to appropriate crewing. Read our crewing guidance for domestic commercial vessels.

Eligibility criteria

Our policy is that we will not approve applications:

  • to use a lower qualified master on vessels 24m or longer. In extraordinary circumstances we may approve one for the shortest possible period.
  • to use crew with a certificate of competency two or more levels below the kind needed for your vessel and operation. This takes into account vessel length, propulsion power, and operational area.
  • to continue or extend a previous temporary crewing permit unless extraordinary circumstances exist.

How to complete this form

Download a copy of the form. You can fill in the form on your computer or print the form and fill it in by hand.

As part of your application, you must:

  • specify when you need the temporary crewing permit to start and end (noting the 90-day limit)
  • include a statement explaining why you cannot meet the minimum crewing requirement
  • show how you will still operate the vessel safely with less than the minimum crewing
  • conduct a risk assessment that considers the risks associated with your proposed operation. This will need to explain the controls you will put in place to account for those risks. Provide a copy of this risk assessment with your application.

Submitting the form

To apply, email your form and supporting documents to

Last updated: 12 April 2022