AMSA 787

Important update: Exemption application for operator vehicular ferry-in-chains


Under the changes to MO505, individuals can no longer apply for an Exemption 21 Ferry-In-Chains General Exemption. 

Persons who hold a current Exemption 21 Ferry-In-Chains General Exemption can continue to operate under this exemption up to the expiry date outlined on the Exemption Document issued.

For individuals wishing to operate a Ferry-In-Chains, you are now required to apply for the Ferry-In-Chains endorsement. This endorsement can be added to a new or existing certificate of competency.

Eligibility criteria

Learn more about the eligibility for Ferry-in-chains endorsement in Changes to domestic certificates of competency - new Marine Order 505.

Available from 1 January 2023.

Submitting the form

You can no longer submit an Exemption application for operator vehicular ferry-in-chains.

Last updated: 20 January 2023