Marine Surveyors Manual—parts 1 and 2

The National Law—Marine Surveyors Accreditation Guidance Manual 2014, as amended in June 2018 has two parts.
AMSA 306
12 June 2018

As the National Regulator, we rely on the recommendations of surveyors to determine whether vessels meet the applicable safety, design, construction, and equipment standards.

Use the below document download buttons to read Parts 1 and 2 of the manual. 

Part 1

Part 1 provides information on the marine surveyor accreditation process.

It provides existing and future marine surveyors and all other interested parties with the necessary information to become an accredited marine surveyor and to maintain their accreditation.

Part 2

Part 2 provides the requirements for undertaking surveys under the National Law.

It sets out the survey requirements for domestic commercial vessels which are applying for, or hold, a certificate of survey, a load line certificate, an Exemption 40 approval or approval under another relevant exemption.

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