Exemption 14—Marine Safety (Sea rangers)

This exemption is for sea rangers who want to work in a specified area for the purposes of managing activities within the marine environment.

You can apply to us for a sea ranger exemption by completing and submitting an application for sea rangers (AMSA 618).

An application for approval can be part of the application for a certificate of operation or a separate application.

What this exemption will allow you to do

Exemption 14 allows the master of a domestic commercial vessel to operate in a specified area for the purposes of managing activities within the marine environment without a certificate of competency.

To be eligible for Exemption 14, you must:

  • be employed as a sea ranger by an Indigenous community organisation or a sea management organisation connected with an Indigenous community organisation 
  • be able to be the master of a vessel that is less than 7.5 metres long and has outboard propulsion power
  • pass an assessment by us, or by an organisation approved by us, to confirm that you have operational knowledge, and knowledge of Australian maritime legislation appropriate for the operation
  • hold an approval for Exemption 14.

If the vessel carries a marine VHF radio, and you are required to operate the radio, you must also hold a Marine Radio Operators VHF Certificate of Proficiency issued by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

We may impose additional restrictions on your operation depending on the condition of the waters you are operating in.

Legislation and incorporated material

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Australian Maritime Safety Authority
Last updated: 27 February 2023