Exemption 41—Marine Safety (Unpowered barges)

Concerns accommodation, safety equipment, communications equipment and navigation equipment as well as minimum crewing.

The Marine Safety (Unpowered barges) Exemption (Exemption 41)  exempts owners of unpowered barges from the requirement to comply with some of the accommodation, safety equipment, communications equipment, and navigation equipment sections of the National Standard for Commercial Vessels Part C series. It also provides an exemption from the ‘minimum crewing’ requirements in Marine Order 504. Both exemptions are subject to certain conditions being met.

Exemption 41 does not exempt a vessel from the requirement to be operated with a certificate of survey and a certificate of operation.

Read EX41 Marine Safety (Unpowered barges) 2018—effective 1 July 2018.

Last Updated: 

13 August 2019