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Lifejacket maintenance and storage

It’s important to maintain your lifejacket according to the manufacturer’s instructions so it works when you need it.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions 

To ensure lifejackets are in working order, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions about maintenance. This is particularly important for inflatable lifejackets as they need to be serviced at intervals of 12 months, or such longer intervals as recommended by the manufacturer. Inflatable lifejackets can only be serviced at a servicing station approved and accredited to do so by the manufacturer. 

Use these instructions, and any other government or industry requirements, to develop a maintenance schedule for your lifejackets, along with all your other safety equipment. 

Never skip your maintenance 

Never take short-cuts on servicing or skip your lifejacket maintenance checks. Keep proper records of what maintenance has been done. This allows you to track when they are next due for servicing or self-checks and helps to ensure your safety.  

Lifejacket storage 

Follow these tips for the storage of your lifejacket.

Last updated: 29 September 2023