Safety equipment - C7A

Carrying the right safety equipment, including lifejackets, life rafts, and first aid kits.


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Full title 

National Standard for Commercial Vessels

Part C – Design and construction

Section 7 - Equipment

Sub-section 7A – Safety equipment

Current edition

Edition 3.9

Commenced 1 January 2023


NSCV C7A specifies standards for the design, manufacture, installation, stowage, marking and scale of safety equipment to be carried on vessels.  

This sub-section shall be read in conjunction with:  


We are updating this standard to reflect recent advances in safety equipment technology, updates to national and international conventions and codes, and lessons learnt through industry experience.

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This NSCV was updated as a result of the NSCV Omnibus amendments instrument No 1, 2022 (AMSA has made minor editorial amendments to eight NSCVs to address consequential amendments resulting from the revocation of NSCV Part D).

Summary of changes:

[1] In clause 1.4 Referenced Documents:

Remove “Part D—Crew Competencies.”


“Marine Order 505 – (Certificates of Competency – National Law) 2022 (Marine Order 505).”

[2] In clause H11 First Aid Training:

Substitute “NSCV Part D” here: “Persons administering first aid should possess as a minimum a current first aid qualification in accordance with NSCV Part D.”


“Persons administering first aid should possess as a minimum a current first aid qualification in accordance with Marine Order 505.”

The full list of changes is available via the following link: NSCV Omnibus amendments instrument No1 2022 PDF518.45 KB

SupersededSuperseded standards for commercial vessels
Assistance and tools 

First aid kits and medical cabinets:

Equipment guidance notices

Guidance notices and factsheets for DCV owners and operators

Model WHS code of practice—first aid in the workplace

Safety equipment

Lifejacket maintenance and storage

Update to Exemption 06 Marine Safety (Periodic survey, equipment certification, compass adjustment and liferaft servicing)

Correct use of hydrostatic release units

Generic equivant solutions:


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Last updated: 10 October 2023