Update to Exemption 06 Marine Safety (Periodic survey, equipment certification, compass adjustment and liferaft servicing).

Tuesday 11 January 2022
The new arrangements will provide greater flexibility to continue operating when liferafts are being serviced, repaired, or replaced.
Update to Exemption 06 Marine Safety

AMSA has amended Exemption 06 to provide the domestic commercial vessel (DCV) industry with greater flexibility to temporarily operate if a liferaft is being serviced, repaired or replaced. 

Under the new arrangements, vessels can continue to operate if liferaft numbers are below complement, provided there are sufficient liferafts to accommodate all on board for a voyage. The number of persons and liferafts must be recorded in the vessel's logbook prior to departure, and evidence that the liferaft is being serviced, repaired, or replaced must also be kept on board the vessel.  

If the liferaft will be out of service for more than 14 days, you will also need to update the vessels safety management system to address these matters. You do not need to apply to AMSA to operate under these arrangements.   

This change will save industry time and money by no longer having to apply to AMSA for an exemption. It will also provide certainty and continuity for DCV owners and operators when a liferaft may no longer be in service. 

See Exemption 06 for more information. 

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