Non-survey vessels - G

Specifies the minimum standards for design and construction and safety equipment.


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Full title

National Standard for Commercial Vessels

Part G - Non-survey vessels


Edition 2.5

Commenced 1 April 2022


The National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) Part G specifies the following for non-survey vessels and other domestic commercial vessels that are not required to have a certificate of survey:

(a) the minimum standards for design and construction

(b) the minimum safety equipment to be carried on board.

This Part applies to each non-survey vessel and other domestic commercial vessel that is required to comply with this Part by the National Law or its subordinate instruments.


This NSCV was updated as a result of the Omnibus amendments instrument No 1, 2021. (AMSA has made minor editorial amendments to six NSCVs to address minor issues in nature raised by industry). 

Summary of changes:

  1. In clause 3.7 Bilge systems, (2):
  2. In clause 3.7 Bilge systems, Table 9 - Bilge systems - kind and number of pumps

The list of changes are available via the following link: NSCV Omnibus amendments instrument No1 2021 PDF518.45 KB.

The previous edition 2.4 (1 January 2021) amended Schedule 2 to include alternative arrangements for EPIRBs on small (<7.5m) vessels operating in open waters (offshore operations (B waters) or restricted offshore operations (C waters).

Assistance and tools

Equipment guidance notices for non-surveyed vessels:

SupersededSuperseded standards for commercial vessels

Policy and Regulation 

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