Annual Regulatory Program 2019 – 20

Our regulatory program is prepared annually and contains details of planned and completed changes to our regulatory instruments.

Publishing a regulatory program makes it easier for business and the community to take part in the development of our regulatory instruments, such as marine orders and the National Standard for Commercial Vessels.

The regulatory program contains information on:

  • legislative or other action planned to be progressed during the current financial year that could lead to changes in business regulation; 
  • a five-year outlook of future action, including for specific industry issues, international developments, priorities for standards and legislative expiry; and 
  • changes to business regulation that occurred during the previous financial year.

We publish an annual regulatory program early in each financial year. While there may be some regulatory activities that we are unable to forecast, these activities will involve consultation with affected parties and will be recorded in future regulatory programs.

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Wednesday 13 July 2022