Marine order 507—Load line certificates—national law

How to apply, the conditions and how to vary a certificate.

Commenced 1 July 2018

Marine order 507 includes:

  • provisions about which vessels require a load line certificate
  • application requirements for a load line certificate
  • criteria which must be met for AMSA to issue or renew a load line certificate
  • requirements for renewing, varying, suspending and revoking a load line certificate
  • conditions on a load line certificate
  • offences provisions, including for breaching conditions of a load line certificate, operation of a vessel where a load line certificate is not in force for the vessel, and in other circumstances
  • key definitions.

Any mention of Marine Order 501 (Administration — national law) 2013 in this Marine Order should be taken to mean Marine Order 501 (Administration — national law) 2023, in line with the updated legislation. See Marine Orders Amendment (Marine Order 501 — consequential changes) Order 2023 for details.

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Thursday 5 October 2023