International operator

If you're an international operator expecting to visit an Australian port, or operating in Australian waters, you can find out what to expect from port State control in Australia.
International operator

Find what you need to know about navigating in Australian waters, including through our particularly sensitive sea areas. Make sure you know your reporting obligations if you see, or are involved in, any pollution incidents in Australian waters. Be prepared in case your ship is subject to inspection while you are in an Australian port.

Port State control in Australia

When your vessel enters an Australian port, it may be subject to inspection under our port State control regulations and standards. Be prepared and make sure your vessel is compliant, just in case you are inspected. If your vessel fails an inspection, or is found to have deficiencies, it may be detained until the deficiency has been resolved.

Find out about ship inspections in Australian ports.

Navigating Australian waters

Vessels in Australian waters will need to navigate through particularly sensitive sea areas, and areas dangerous to the safety of ship navigation. Find out about coastal pilotage services, vessel traffic services and how to navigate through environmental fragile areas to make sure your vessel traverses Australian waters safely.

Find out about navigating coastal waters in Australia.

Environmental protections in Australia

We implement pollution reporting requirements under MARPOL protocols and have domestic legislation to support its implementation. If your vessel is involved in, or observes an incident of ship sourced pollution, you must report it.

Find out how to report a pollution incident when you are in Australian waters.

Stay informed with our marine notices

Marine notices provide important safety related information, general guidance and details about forthcoming changes to legislation to the shipping and maritime community.

While marine notices have no legal standing, they provide important safety related information, general guidance, or details about forthcoming changes to legislation. Read our current marine notices.

Last Updated: 

26 October 2020