Consultation Feedback Report—Proposal to mandate minimum lifejacket wear requirements on domestic commercial vessels

This consultation feedback report is based on submissions to us via email, phone, mail, and an online questionnaire.
29 August 2022

Consultation outcome 

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has carefully considered the feedback received through this consultation and has begun to develop a policy position on lifejacket wear. This policy is intended to align with the consultation feedback detailed in this report and will involve an amendment to Marine Order 504 to clarify the existing requirement for all domestic commercial vessels to have a documented risk assessment and written procedure addressing lifejacket wear in their safety management system. The proposed amendments to the national law regulatory framework will be released for public consultation this year.  

AMSA is currently in the process of commencing a safety education campaign to provide guidance to industry on the benefits of lifejacket wear, the different types and styles available on the market and the servicing requirements that need to be met.

Last Updated: 

2 September 2022