AMSA 565

Application for approval as a final assessor


Use this form to be registered as an AMSA approved final assessor who is qualified to issue certificates of competency.

How to complete this form 

Registered training organisation (RTO) details

  • RTO details to be completed by authorised representative of RTO not by the individual assessor
  • Complete all details

Approvals required

  • Must respond to every item
  • May only request approval for qualifications that RTO has on scope

Approval criteria

  • Must respond to every item

Individual assessor details

For each assessor nominated:

  • complete all boxes - read the headings and ensure correct details are supplied in each box
  • attach a copy of their highest deck and/or engineering CoC. Copies of CoCs must show all endorsements and restrictions: 
    • for booklets – copy of all pages (other than blank pages)
    • for cards – copy of both sides
    • if CoC(s) expire they will need to re- supply copies once revalidated
  • attach a copy of AQF qualification or unit of competency as per items 1, 2 or 3 of Schedule 1 of the RTO Standards (2015). Generally this will be a TAE Certificate IV in Training and Assessment
  • attach a brief CV and copy of any other relevant qualifications and/or documents supporting claims of industry experience – assessor’s must have at least 12 months’ relevant sea service
  • attach working with vulnerable people (or equivalent) or a recent national police background check.


  • evidence that shows the MAR Maritime Training Package qualifications on scope
  • details of any subcontracting arrangements

Declaration and consent

  • authorised representative of RTO to read, sign and date the declaration

Submitting the form 

Last Updated: 

11 January 2023