Nella Dan, 3 December 1987

On 3 December 1987 the Nella Dan ran aground in strong winds in Buckle Bay, Macquarie Island.
Image of the vessel Nella Dan

The Nella Dan, was a 2186 DWT Australian-chartered Antarctic supply vessel. It was to resupply the Australian base at Macquarie Island and then proceed to Antarctica to undertake further resupply tasks.

It dragged its anchor in strong winds and ran aground in Buckle Bay, Macquarie Island on 3 December 1987. Extensive damage to hull plating resulted in flooding of the engine room and opened fuel tanks that spilt approximately 120 tonnes of Antarctic grade diesel oil and five tonnes of lubricating oil.


The Nella Dan was refloated on 21 December 1987. On 24 December it caught fire and sank in 200 metres of water off Macquarie Island during attempts to scuttle it.

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