2023 National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies review

The review of the National Plan for Maritime Environmental Emergencies (the National Plan) began in April 2023.

We regularly review the National Plan for maritime environmental emergencies to ensure it remains relevant and fit for purpose.

 Since April 2023, we have been engaging with a broad range of stakeholders to review the National Plan.

They include:

  • State and the Northern Territory government stakeholders: marine pollution
  • Industry representatives
  • Commonwealth government representatives, and
  • Others as required.

AMSA engaged Alchemy Partners to facilitate a series of development and stakeholder workshops through 2023. These workshops assist the review of the National Plan.

The National Plan Strategic Coordination Committee (NPSCC) and the National Plan Review Steering Committee (the Steering Committee) oversee the review. We expect the final report to be published in early 2024.

Learn more about the terms of reference for the National Plan review and steering committee.

Last updated: 

Wednesday 17 May 2023