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Hundreds of tonnes of container waste processed 

Onshore crew at Port of Newcastle have finished the enormous task of processing 720 tonnes of waste recovered from waters off the Hunter Coast. 

The final six of 63 identified YM Efficiency containers recovered by the MV Pride were discharged on 8 May and processing was completed on 10 May. 

The containers holding furniture, chip packets and other foodstuffs, were opened and processed for safe disposal.

During a four-week period from 12 April when the first containers were discharged onshore, crew identified 440 tonnes of general solid waste for landfill.

In addition, 195 tonnes of metal, including empty containers were sent for scrap metal processing, 67 tonnes of tyres mustered for recycling and 18 tonnes of liquid waste collected for safe disposal.

Overall the operation took 34 days, including 7.5 days of weather delays and no additional marine pollution reported. 

We thank seafarers from both Australia and overseas who have completed this work away from their homes and families in this time of a global pandemic.

packets of chips
Packets of chips were among the contents of the final six containers.

Foodstuffs that could have harmed wildlife or washed ashore have been processed for safe disposal.

Container of furniture was unpacked for disposal.


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Tuesday 29 August 2023