Consultation—draft Marine Order 58 (Safe management of vessels) reissued Order 2020

Consultation on Marine Order 58 closed on 8 March 2020. We are reviewing your feedback and preparing the consultation report.

This order applies to regulated Australian vessels, foreign vessels and to a Government vessel, if it is used for a commercial purpose. 


Marine order 58 deals with safe management and operation of vessels and pollution prevention, it gives effect to SOLAS chapter IX, which requires compliance with the ISM Code.

The review of Marine order 58 considers the delegation of the responsibility of auditing and issuing the following certificates to Recognised Organisation (ROs):

  • Safety Management Certificate (SMC)
  • Document of Compliance Certificate (DoC)
  • Interim Document of Compliance Certificate (IDoC) 

In addition, a new division for foreign vessels has been created. This will provide clarity on what applies to regulated Australian vessels and what applies to foreign vessels.

Key changes

  • The definition of SMC, DoC and IDoC were added in Section 4: definitions.
  • Division 2: foreign vessels was amended to specify the requirements of SMC, DoC and IDoC for foreign vessels.
  • Reference of ‘AMSA’ in the issuing, applying and renewal criteria was changed to ‘Issuing body’ other than section 7(1) and 7(2), which deals with exemptions.
  • The conditions and renewal criterions are more clearly managed according to ISM code and ISM guidelines in Division 3 and Division 4.


It is intended that this revised Marine order 58 will come into effect on 1 July 2020.

Consultation papers

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