Australian Search and Rescue Awards 2022-23

The Australian Search and Rescue (SAR) Awards 2022-23 will be presented at an event in Hobart on 19 October.

2023 Australian search and rescue awards 10 October
These prestigious awards are in recognition of outstanding contribution to search and rescue within the Australian region during the current financial year period 1 July 2022-30 June 2023. 

The awards are open to individuals, groups or organisations that have made a significant contribution to search and rescue in Australia and deserve recognition at a national level. 

Any person or organisation can nominate candidates for the Australian SAR Awards 

AMSA provides Secretariat support for the National Search and Rescue Council. 

19 October 2023 

Salamanca Inn, Hobart  
10 Gladstone St, Battery Point TAS 7004 

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Tuesday 24 October 2023