Updated NOPSEMA publications

NOPSEMA has been working with state authorities to improve and streamline consultation practices within the offshore petroleum industry, and provide advice on regulatory requirements for offshore petroleum activities.

NOPSEMA continues to attend and provide input into the WA State Marine Oil Pollution Committee, including providing advice and information to a range of state agencies regarding offshore petroleum activities.

A list of some of NOPSEMA’s new or updated publications relevant to the management of oil pollution risks are included in the table below:

For the most up-to-date list of NOPSEMA’s environmental publications, see the Environmental Management page at



Oil pollution risk management 

Oil pollution risk management

Fact sheets

Oil spill modelling at a glance

Environment alert

Oil spill sampling and source identification

The Regulator articles

Oil spill response — competency and training

Environment alert: Oil spill sampling

Optimising dispersant selection for offshore pollution risks

Monitoring of impacts to the environment from oil pollution


NOPSEMA Compliance Strategy

Last updated: 

Tuesday 14 November 2023