Approved training courses

We have approved these courses if you want to qualify for a certificate under international training conventions.

The courses listed meet the standard of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978, as amended (STCW) and that of Marine Orders 70 to 73.

Approved courses

  1. We have listed AMSA approved courses which are currently available. This information is a guide only. Courses completed outside Australia are not accepted by AMSA.
  2. You may have completed courses in the past which are not on this list. These courses may still be accepted for issue of an appropriate certificate. If you believe you have completed an AMSA approved course, contact us to check.
  3. If you want to obtain a Certificate of safety training or competency from us, under the requirements of the STCW convention, you must have completed an AMSA approved course.
  4. The colleges and training providers listed here are all AMSA approved and conduct the courses listed. However we do not endorse one college or training provider in preference to another.

Approved courses by state

Below are the current AMSA approved courses available if you (Deck officers, Engineer officers and Ratings) want to qualify for a certificate in accordance with the STCW convention.

To qualify for a STCW certificate you must complete the relevant course listed. You are also required to complete additional STCW short courses, comply with qualifying sea service and medical fitness requirements and pass an oral examination.

You are reminded that colleges set and charge their own fees for courses. The AMSA fee for sea service assessment, issue or revalidation of a certificate and the oral examination are separate and in addition to the college fee. Read more about the schedule of charges.

Acceptable old courses

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Friday 20 October 2023