Refusal of access list and letters of warning list

Vessels refused access to Australian ports and vessels given warnings in relation to serious deficiencies.

Refusal of access

These vessels have been given direction by us not to enter or use an Australian port.

Operators issued with a letter of warning

These operators have been issued a letter of warning in relation to serious deficiencies. The compliance history of vessels and their operators, and the seriousness of deficiencies, are matters that AMSA takes into consideration under its Compliance and Enforcement Policy and Protocols and during inspection planning. AMSA may take further compliance action, including issuing directions refusing access, to Australian ports, of vessels operated by operators who do not take action to address any systemic issues that led to the deficiencies identified by AMSA.


Note 1: This will be closed on the date shown (which will be entered when AMSA is satisfied there is no evidence of ongoing systemic issues) or 24 months after issue, whichever is sooner.

Last updated: 

Thursday 22 February 2024