Our culture

We’re focused on fostering a culture that is collaborative and respectful. We celebrate individuality and recognise diversity as our strength.
"We have branded our little team "FAMSA", so that kind of says it all. As a government organisation we are small, but we have a high variety of business units and expertise that spans across Australia. AMSA is an organisation that provides opportunities, supports staff professional aspirations and celebrates success."

– Jenet, Vessel safety team

Our values

Our values provide a common ground for our diverse team. 

Motivated by our mission, these values represent our people and guide our work.  

We value people who are:  

  • professional  
  • collaborative 
  • dedicated 
  • accountable. 

Learn more about our vision, mission, values and aspirations.

AMSA values badge: Professional Collaborative Dedicated Accountable

Diversity and inclusion 

The Diversity Council Australia (DCA) recognises AMSA as an inclusive employer. This formal recognition celebrates our commitment to making diversity and inclusion a priority.  

We exceed the National Index Benchmark in these areas:  

  • inclusive organisational climate  
  • inclusive leadership  
  • inclusive team.   

Our employee engagement exceeds the Australian Public Service Industry benchmark.  

We are a small but mighty organisation. With us, you have an opportunity to do work that makes a difference. 

Diversity Council Australia logo - Proud to be an inclusive employer 2023-2024


Strategies and action plans strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion.  

We work towards ambitious goals of Indigenous and gender equity through our: 

We’re committed to developing targeted action plans for accessibility, cultural and LGBTQIA+ inclusion. 

Diversity working group 

Our employee led 'Diversity Working Group' (DWG) consists of representatives from various teams. The group promotes the benefit of being an inclusive and diverse workplace. 

Our representatives are passionate and support us to achieve our diversity objectives.  

You can read more about these objectives in our strategies and action plans.  

Diversity and Inclusion at AMSA: Strategy 2023-2027

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2027

Reconciliation Action Plan: Reflect 2022-2024

Reconciliation Action Plan: Reflect 2022-2024

Gender Equity Action Plan cover page

Gender Equity Action Plan

Staff engagement 

Each year we ask our staff to complete a survey that captures their experience working at AMSA.  

Among many other things, this survey allows us to better understand how our staff find their:  

  • work-life balance  
  • contribution to our vision and mission 
  • interaction with managers 
  • workplace culture. 

Survey results and feedback allow us to understand what we do well so we can do more of it, and also how we can do better.  

We value all staff at AMSA and do the best we can to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to succeed.   

We are proud to share a summary of findings from our 2023 employee engagement survey.

What our staff say 

97% of staff committed to performing their jobs well 

96% of staff committed to AMSA’s vision and mission. 

How we compare with other employers

Chart showing that employee engagement is higher at AMSA than at other high performing Australian organisations and is significantly higher than the average for other public sector organisations.

Staff say that the people at AMSA are friendly, competent and professional.  


Staff like AMSA's flexible work arrangements and say that they enable a healthy work-life balance.  


They believe their work to be impactful and to make a difference.  


Staff describe the culture as collaborative and continuing to improve.  



Orange circle with the text 'action areas'
Ongoing and timely communication across the organisation.   
Support meaningful career development.  
Continue to improve culture with zero tolerance of bullying and harassment.  

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Monday 26 February 2024