International certificates of competency for domestic use

If you hold a valid STCW certificate of competency or certificate of recognition, we don’t require you to hold a near coastal certificate of competency.

There are conditions that must be met: 

  • Your STCW certificate must have been issued by AMSA. 
  • If you hold an AMSA certificate of recognition your near coastal certificate will only allow you to perform the duties and tasks permitted by your primary certificate of competency.

Apply for an equivalent certificate 

Apply for an equivalent certificate based on the equivalents in Schedule 2 of Marine Order 505 (Certificates of competency – national law) 2022.

Attach copies of your STCW certificate of medical fitness and sea service letters to meet the requirements for that certificate.

If your STCW certificate is expired you can: 

  • Revalidate your STCW certificate then apply for an equivalent near coastal certificate or 
  • Apply for a new near coastal certificate. 

If you choose to apply for a new near coastal certificate you will need to meet the requirements for that certificate. 

You may need to apply to a registered training organisation for recognition of prior learning and be issued with a course completion certificate relevant to the near coastal certificate of competency. 

You will also need to pass a final assessment for that certificate which will be either an AMSA Mandated Practical Assessment (AMPA) or an oral exam, depending on the certificate.

Please apply for your equivalent certificate using the AMSA 426 application form

Last updated: 

Wednesday 28 December 2022