AMSA 426

Certificate of competency application


We are no longer accepting old versions of form 426. Please use the form on this page to submit your application.

Australia Post advises they are still experiencing delivery delays in their network due COVID-19 impacts. We will send you an email when we receive your application in our Canberra office. Please wait at least 2 weeks after you lodge your application before requesting an update.

This form 426 replaces form 534.

AMSA form 426 is used for domestic or near coastal qualification applications. For international marine qualifications use AMSA form 419.

You can use this form to:

  • apply for a new certificate
  • revalidate your certificate
  • apply for replacement of your lost, stolen or damaged certificate
  • apply for a national law equivalent to your old certificate
  • remove a restriction from your certificate
  • add an endorsement to your certificate
  • change your name on your certificate.

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Special arrangements for renewing certificates in:

Exemption 7

Exemption 8

How to complete this form 

This form is an interactive online form. As you complete it, the form will generate the application requirements specific to your certificate of competency and application type.

For example, if you want to apply for a new Master less than 24 metres near coastal certificate select Master <24m NC from the drop down menu for Certificate of competency type then select New certificate from the drop down menu for Certificate application type. Your responses to these two items will automatically populate the application form with the declarations you need, the attachments checklist and the fee required for your specific certificate of competency and application type (in this case a new certificate of competency for Master less than 24 metres near coastal).

You can only use the form for one application at a time. You must open a new form each time you apply for a new certificate of competency or a variation (example revalidation, adding an endorsement, removing a restriction, etc) to your existing certificate of competency.

You can complete the form:

  • online or
  • by completing steps 1 and 2 below, downloading a pdf version of the form, printing it out and completing it by hand. If you do not complete steps 1 and 2 the form will not download.

If you are unable to access or download the application form please contact AMSA Connect.

You must complete all sections of the form:

  1. Certificate of competency: click select and choose the domestic certificate of competency you wish to apply for.
  2. Certificate application type: click select and choose the application type you wish to apply for.
  3. Declarations: complete all declarations on your form.
  4. Attachments: complete the checklist and attach copies of documents.
  5. Applicant (personal) details: complete all boxes in this section. If you do not know the information or it does not apply to you insert N/A in the box. If you complete this form online some of the boxes will give you drop-down options to help you complete it correctly.
  6. Declaration and consent: ensure you read the declaration then sign and date your form.


Based on the certificate of competency and application type that you choose you may have to complete one or more of the declarations below.

You must respond yes or no to all of the statements in each declaration. If the form does not allow you to answer no it means that this is a mandatory requirement for the certificate you are applying for. If you complete the form online selecting yes to one statement may automatically make the response no for some of the other statements.

Medical declaration (applies only to low complexity applications)

If you answer yes to any of the questions 1 to 9 in this section you must attach a copy of your current and valid Certificate of medical fitness for a near coastal certificate form 559 to your application.

For all applications other than for a new certificate there are ten questions. If you answer ‘yes’ to question 10 you must attach a copy of your current and valid Eyesight test certificate form 542 to your application.

Qualifying sea service declaration

Your responses tell us what type and how much sea service you have. The statements will also help us decide if a restriction needs to be applied to your certificate.

Replacement declaration

Your answer tells us why you need a replacement certificate. There is a box for you to provide further details such as when and where your certificate was lost or stolen, how it was destroyed or any other reasons why you need a replacement.

Restriction removal declaration

Your responses tell us what restriction you want removed and how you meet the requirements, such as a sea service and training, to get the restriction lifted.

Endorsement declaration

Your responses tell us what endorsement you want to add and how you meet the requirements, such as a sea service and training, for that endorsement.

Change of name declaration

If you have changed your name you must respond yes to the statement in this section and provide your previous name in the area provided. You should insert your new name under Applicant (personal) details of the form.


The attachment section of the form is a checklist of the documents you must supply. If the form does not allow you to answer no, this means it is mandatory for you to give us this document for the certificate you are applying for. You must tick the box against each attachment indicating that you have attached it. Please do not attach original documents to your application. Copies of documents do not have to be certified.

Submitting the form 

You can lodge your application at one of the participating Australia post outlets or for new certificates only at some registered training organisations.

If you live in a remote rural location and cannot access an Australia Post outlet and your registered training organisation does not have an agreement with us, please contact AMSA Connect.

Lodging your application with Australia Post

You must lodge your application in person at AMSA-contracted Australia post outlet.

If you have an interim certificate of competency you must lodge your completed certificate of competency application within seven days of issue of the interim certificate of competency.

Australia Post will:

  • Check you have responded yes or no to all questions and statements in the declarations on your form.
  • Check you have responded yes or no to all statements under attachments and that you have attached all documents for which you have ticked yes.
  • Take payment of the application fee. Payment may be made by credit card, cash or EFTPOS. Australia Post will provide you with a tax invoice and attach a payment record to your application. Please note the payment record is not a tax invoice and we will not be able to provide you with a tax invoice if you misplace the one provided by Australia Post.
  • Check you have completed all boxes under Applicant (personal) details.
  • Check you have signed the Declaration and consent.
  • Take your photograph free of charge and attach it to your application.
  • Check your identity using our proof of identity requirements. Identity documents must be originals.
  • Submit your application to AMSA.

If you have not fully completed the form and attached all the required documents Australia Post will not accept your application. Read our incomplete application policy.

Lodging your application with a registered training organisation

The following registered training organisations have an agreement with us to submit certificate of competency applications for new certificates on behalf of their students:

  • Australian Boat Schools
  • Australian Maritime College
  • Charles Darwin University
  • Marine Training Services
  • Maritime and Safety Training (NSW Fishing industry training committee)
  • Paradigm Training Group
  • Queensland Maritime Training Services
  • Sea School International
  • Seafood Training Tasmania
  • Serco Defence
  • Superyacht Crew Academy (Club Sail)

These organisations will:

  • Confirm your identity by sighting original documents and recording the document type(s) on the last page of your application form.
  • Attach a passport standard photo of you in the appropriate space on the application form.
  • Confirm that you have completed the application form, including appropriate responses to all questions/statements listed on the form.
  • Confirm that all of the required attachments, as listed on the application form, are attached to the application form.
  • Confirm that your evidence of sea service matches the sea service declaration you have made on the application form.
  • Forward your certificate application to us by registered post.
  • Make payment to us for your certificate application.

Additional information 

When we receive your application, we will verify you have met all requirements for your certificate. You must submit all information required in one submission.

Do not submit your documents separately. If you do not provide all of the required information processing of your application may be delayed.

For low complexity certificates, once we have done this your certificate of competency will be issued and mailed to the delivery address given on your application form.

For high complexity certificates, once we have done this you will be invited to contact AMSA Connect to arrange your final assessment.

Please allow at least 30 days for your certificate to be issued. Note that assessment of your application may take longer due to the additional process involved for us to obtain verification of documents submitted.

Lodgement of an application does not automatically entitle you to a certificate of competency or revalidation of your certificate. It also does not indicate acceptance of your sea service.

Moving house—remember to let us know

If you have applied for a certificate of competency and move house while we are assessing your application you need to tell us. This will avoid any delays with you receiving your certificate.

If you already have a certificate of competency you must let us know within 21 days if you change your name or address.

There may be an additional cost if we need to reissue your certificate to a different address.

Last Updated: 

30 July 2020