TIB checklist

This equipment list is general in nature and may not apply to your individual circumstances – it is generally based on the requirements for a compliant existing 3C vessel up to 6 metres in length and Exemption 40 (Class C restricted operations).

You can download and print this checklist (PDF 94 KB) (PDF 94.43 KB)

  • Anchor with chain and rope
  • Open vessel; with covered bilges; with under-floor compartments (other than airtight void spaces filled with foam to over 90% of the void volume) <7.5m – Bilge Pump (1 x 4.0 kL / hr) <5m vessels may use a bailer
  • Lifebuoy (marked) with 30m of 8mm buoyant rope attached and self-igniting light (GES – LifeCell) (Not required <6m if vessel has level flotation)
  • Communication device for contacting a shore base or other vessels
  • Parachute Distress Rocket Flare – 3
  • Red Hand-held Flare – 2
  • Orange Hand-held Smoke Flare – 1
  • V Sheet (EX40)
  • GPS equipped EPIRB (if operating more than 2nm from land) – registered
  • Fire Extinguisher (ABE)
  • First Aid Kit
  • Coastal Level 150 Lifejacket (marked) with whistle and light for each person (AMSA strongly encourage each person to wear a lifejacket at all times when on your vessel)
  • Electronic navigation device (GPS) or Marine Chart of operational area
  • Compass
  • Navigation Lights (if operating at night)
  • Waterproof buoyant torch
  • Sea anchor (drogue) unless capable of anchoring in deep water
  • At least 2 litres of emergency drinking water for each person on board (EX40)
  • Sound signal (canister horn) and spare canister (EX40)