Survey standards for domestic commercial vessels in-survey

All domestic commercial vessels under the national law are required to meet design, construction, stability and equipment standards.

A certificate of survey is evidence that a vessel has been surveyed and meets specified standards for design, construction, stability and safety equipment that apply to the vessel.

These standards are set out in Marine Order 503 (Certificate of Survey – national law) 2018. For some kinds of vessels, these requirements are modified by our general exemptions.

Access the My Boat system for guidance on how to keep your vessel compliant.

If your vessel is required to have a certificate of survey, the standards that apply to it depend on which of the categories below the vessel belongs to.

All vessels must be surveyed according to the schedule laid out in marine order 503.

Some vessels are required to have a load line certificate issued under marine order 507. These vessels will need to comply with the load lines convention or section 7 of the Uniform Shipping Laws Code.

A new survey regime applies from 1 July 2018.

Last updated: 

Friday 5 April 2019