National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV)

The National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV) provides standards for vessel design, construction and equipment for domestic commercial vessels.

We maintain a list of current and superseded versions of the NSCV for your information.

When we amend the NSCV, we may use technical advisory panels to provide technical assistance and advice.

Technical advisory panels are made up of technical experts from industry, government, academic institutions, and the community. The size of the panel is determined by the nature and complexity of the issue, but in all cases will have at least three members. We choose members based on their qualifications, expertise or experience in their field. Jurisdictions are not always represented.

Information on technical advisory panels is available in the terms of reference and working principles (PDF 187.75 KB).

Complete the technical advisory panel nomination form if you would like to be involved.

 National Standard for Commercial Vessels 

Part B 

General requirements 

Part C 

Design and construction 


Section C1 - Arrangement, accommodation and personal safety   (PDF 1.92 MB) 

Section C2- Watertight and weathertight integrity   

Section C3 – Construction

Section C4 – Fire Safety (PDF 1.6 MB)   

Section C5 – Engineering   

Subsection C5A – Machinery (PDF 2.81 MB)   

Subsection C5B – Electrical

Subsection C5C - LPG systems for appliances (PDF 377.74 KB)

Subsection C5D – LPG systems for engines (PDF 354.19 KB)   

Section C6 – Stability   

Subsection C6A – Intact stability requirements (PDF 3.29 MB)   

Subsection C6B – Buoyancy and stability after flooding   

Subsection C6C – Stability tests and stability information

Section C7 – Equipment   

Subsection C7A – Safety equipment    

Subsection C7B – Communications equipment

Subsection C7C – Navigation equipment   

Subsection C7D – Anchoring systems

Part D 

Crew competencies 

* Part D Crew competencies was revoked on 1 January 2023.

See Marine Order 505 for crew competencies.

Part E 


* Part E Operations was revoked on 1 July 2018.

See Marine Order 504 for operation requirements for domestic commercial vessels.

Part F 

Special vessels 


Section F1 – Fast craft   

Subsection F1A – General requirements for fast craft   

Subsection F1B – Category F1 fast craft (PDF 328.93 KB)   

Subsection F1C – Category F2 fast craft   

Section F2 – Leisure craft

Section F3 – Novel vessels (PDF 538.06 KB)

Section F4 – Special purpose vessels (contact us)

Part G 

Non survey vessels 

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