Our mission is to celebrate the achievements of women in maritime and drive awareness of the issues facing them in the hope of achieving gender equality in a historically male dominated industry.

Studies have proven that investing in women is the most effective way to advance communities, companies, and even countries.

Currently, women represent just 1.2 percent of the seafarer work force worldwide. Although the number of female seafarers has increased by 45.8 per cent since 2015, there is still much work to do to increase female participation in the maritime industry.

With the maritime sector facing a shortage of workers, there is an increasing pressure on the global network to identify new opportunities to support and sustain economic growth.

If we can encourage women to apply for, stay and lead the industry, we will have a much bigger pool of candidates to reduce the skills shortage. 

To achieve this, we must ensure equal employment opportunities by building safe, flexible, and inclusive workplaces. We need to be forward-thinking and embrace innovation to tackle persisting barriers and support meaningful participation of women in the maritime industry. 

We support the International Maritime Organization’s commitment to gender equality. This annual event celebrates women in the industry, to achieve gender equality through equal opportunities and the empowerment of all women and girls at all levels.