Instructions to surveyors

Instructions for accredited surveyors to conduct surveys and inspections of domestic commercial vessels.

Accredited surveyors should be familiar with these laws and standards:


Instruction Document number
Verifying ISO derived EU conformity assessment first of type righting movement curve (GES 2014/03 refers) DCV-ITS-001
Instruction to surveyors for issuing a temporary operations approval DCV-ITS-002
Test procedure to verify level flotation DCV-ITS-004
Inspection, testing and replacement requirements for fluid power system (hydraulic) flexible hoses on domestic commercial vesselsroles and responsibilities DCV-ITS-006
Welding inspection for aluminium vessels in accordance with AS/NZS 1665 DCV-ITS-008
Conducting sea trials DCV-ITS-009
Accredited surveyor documentation approval DCV-ITS-011
Conditions where the use of flush hatches are acceptable DCV-ITS-012
Considerations when using Lloyds SSC software DCV-ITS-014
ELV electrical systems on board new domestic commercial vessels DCV-ITS-015
International delivery of domestic commercial vessels and near coastal vessels operating overseas Marine Notice 10/2016
Imported CE leisure craft DCV-ITS-016
Initial and periodic surveys of foam DCV-ITS-017
Initial survey of hovercraft less than 35 metres DCV-ITS-019
Lloyd’s guidance note for double continuous (DC) welding where Lloyd’s SSC rules are used N/A

Industry guidance notices and fact sheets

Additional guidance is available in our industry guidance notices and fact sheets on these topics:

  • Altering or maintaining a vessel
  • Applicable standards and requirements for vessels under the national system
  • Electrical safety on board vessels
  • Electronic visual distress signals
  • Equipment lists
  • First aid kits
  • Grandfathering survey arrangements
  • Initial surveyInspection of portable fire extinguishers (stored pressure type)

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Friday 12 June 2020