About the domestic commercial vessel levy

Pending recommendations of the National Law Review and decisions by the Australian Government, if you own or operate a domestic commercial vessel you may be required to pay a levy. This levy is charged to recover the costs of delivering national system services.

In 2018, AMSA assumed full responsibility for regulating the domestic commercial vessel industry. Since that time its regulatory-based functions have been funded by a combination of the Australian Government, and States and Northern Territory contributions.

AMSA will receive an additional $15.3 million in interim funding from the Australian Government to supplement its operations for 2023-24 while the National Law Review is completed, and the Australian Government considers its recommendations. 

This means domestic commercial vessel owners and operators will not pay a levy for the first 6 years of regulatory services under AMSA until at least 2024-25.

Meanwhile, fees for all domestic commercial vessel services will continue to apply, and these are annually indexed.

Read Budget Paper No. 2, Page 184 of 2023-24 Commonwealth Budget.

Last updated: 8 June 2023