The first public consultation

The first public consultation on the proposed draft Marine order 505 took place between 5 August 2019 to 29 September 2019.

During that period, we ran an extensive communication campaign and held 14 information sessions across the country to further gather industry feedback.

During the consultation period, we received over 500 submissions along with additional feedback and input from the 387 attendees at the information sessions.

The feedback was diverse and—in many instances—revealed opposing views across industry on a range of issues.

Given the volume of submissions and the complexity of issues raised, we continued working closely with the Industry Reference Group (IRG), which was established specifically for this review.

Together, we made sure that the feedback from industry was fairly evaluated. We then made sure that we came up with proposed solutions that would meet the diverse needs of the domestic commercial vessel industry.

What we did with the feedback

In collaboration with the IRG, we have identified contemporary solutions to address key concerns raised during consultation. 

Read the 2019 consultation summary for a brief summary of the feedback to the specific close ended questions and proposed policy positions to address the high-level concerns raised by industry.

When the updated marine order takes effect and as part of the finalisation of the review and consultation process, a detailed consultation feedback report will be made available.